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Did you know balance is critical to your golf swing? The stability of your frame helps improve the accuracy and consistency of your overall game. The better your balance, the better your score.

Strengthening your bones is just as important as strengthening your muscles. With greater bone density, your body will develop a more powerful frame- which will allow for greater muscle strength. 

Before heading to the course, why not stop by a center and work on your balance? Better yourself and your golf skills in one quick 10-minute session! #SwingHigherwithosteostrong

Golf Performance Data Conducted by Tayler Made Swing Lab

11 Pro & amateur golfers were tested
Participants wore suites fitted with 12 sensors Tracking recorded included:
-Shoulder rotation
-Club head Speed
-Ball speed
-Weight transfer from the start of the swing to ball contact.
All participants had 4 OsteoStrong sessions over four weeks.


-SHOULDER ROTATION increased on average by +13 degrees
-CLUB HEAD SPEED increased by an average of +5 mph 
-BALL SPEED increased by an average of +9mph 
-STABILITY IN BALANCE had all golfers finishing their swing on their front foot _ six tested before OsteoStrong sessions finished their swing on their back foot.

OsteoStrong is a once-a-week, natural, non-pharmaceutical, skeletal strengthening system that can help you:

Build Bone Density

Reduce Joint & Back Pain

Increase Strenght

Improve Balance & Posture

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