The Ultimate Biohack to increase bone density & muscle strength, improve balance, and reduce joint & back pain.

Fort Union (Midvale) 

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Schedule your complimentary phone consultation.
By pressing "Click to Schedule," you authorize OsteoStrong to send you SMS text messages.

What is OsteoStrong?

OsteoStrong® works for people of all ages and levels of activity using a process known as osteogenic loading – safe compression of the skeletal system to trigger natural bone growth. In 2012, a study was published that showed at least 4.2 times your body weight is needed in order to trigger the growth of healthy new bone tissue.  

At OsteoStrong®, our members are experiencing the following:
Improved Bone Density
Improved Posture
Improved Balance
Increased Strength
​​​​​​​Improved Athletic Performance
Less Joint and Back Pain
Reduction in A1C Levels


Many of our members have achieved increases in bone density, strength, and balance in our once-per-week sessions. Below are a few of our satisfied members (results vary by individual)

I am so happy to have found Osteostrong Syracuse. The people at Osteostrong are kind, understanding, and accommodating. I have been on long-term steroids for 12+ years and developed osteoporosis and osteopenia at a young age. I did not want to take osteoporosis medications due to side effects and tried to treat it naturally. Unfortunately, I did not have much progress on my own. In order to have a good baseline to compare to, I received a DEXA scan in December 2019 and then started attending weekly sessions at Osteostrong. Twelve months later I went for an updated DEXA and was thrilled to see that I had gained bone density across the board. My doctor is pleased with my progress, as anybody on steroids would be lucky to just maintain and not lose bone density. Therefore, the fact that I gained density while on steroids is astonishing. I am so thankful for Osteostrong and am excited to see my progress in another year!


I have only been coming to OsteoStrong in Syracuse for about two months. My main concern for joining was my type 2 diabetes. When I learned that it might help lower my A1C level, I knew I had to join! Before I started at OsteoStrong in Syracuse, my A1C level was 9.4. After 10 sessions my level was down 2 points to 7.4! It hasn't been that low for about 8 years! I was struggling with back pain to the point it was hard for me to get out of bed. I can now get out of bed without the pain I was previously experiencing. I can sleep without pain, and I can even get off the floor without having help which I couldn't do before OsteoStrong.


AMAZING BALANCE IMPROVEMENT Before I started OsteoStrong, my balance was really bad. When walking my dog, I was all over the sidewalk and I am sure anyone observing me would have thought I had been drinking. After my first appointment, I walked out of OsteoStrong walking completely straight and it has continued to improve from that point. OsteoStrong has done more good than anything I had done in the gym. I strongly recommend OsteoStrong!



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